16Right ADSB Analytics

Transmissions Analysed
5,619.87 GiB
Data Analysed
990,564,328 km
Distance Tracked

Time IntervalTransmissions Analysed *Data Analysed
Average Messages Per Second19.356.698 KiB
Average Messages Per Second - Not Incl. Curfew27.329.457 KiB
Average Messages Per Minute1,161401.9 KiB
Average Messages Per Hour69,66223.55 MiB
Average Messages Per Day1,671,885565.18 MiB
Average Messages Per Year610,656,110201.59 GiB


Flights Tracked Statistics **

Number of Passengers Total508,875,808 pax
Average Distance Tracked Per Day305,525 km
Average Distance Tracked Per Year111,593,046 km
Total Distance Tracked990,564,328 km
Trips Around the Equator24,717.76x
Return Trips to the Moon1288.46x
Mass of CO2 Produced122,318.1 tonnes
Mass of Methane Produced6,722.5 kg
Mass of Nitrous Oxide Produced5,491.3 kg

Reception Range Statistics

Max RangeMin RangeAverage RangeTotal Area
95.5˚T - 990.2nm31˚T - 195.5nm436.1nm556,737nm²

Station Uptime

8 Years, 10 Months, 16 Days & 8 Hours

Sydney Airport Curfew

Sydney International Airport Experiences a Curfew from 11PM - 06AM. During this period aircraft movements at the Airport are restricted to specific types of aircraft and operations. More Information on the Sydney International Airport Curfew can be Found Here


* We define a 'transmission' to be four ADS-B messages. This is because each individual ADS-B message only contains a few of the flight parameters available in the ADS-B protocol. In order to receive all the flight parameters transmitted from an aircraft via ADS-B, four messages are required to be received.

** These figures are based on extrapolated average figures, and act purely as an indication of the total values.